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Andy White


My journey brought me full circle, back home to Montana five years ago when my wife Leslie and I moved back as empty-nesters.  Since leaving Montana for family and career reasons we have lived in six other states including Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico – all of which are awesome places, but, shame on me, I had forgotten how inviting Montana is.  Her inviting landscapes, inviting people, inviting waters, and inviting seasons made coming home special and charged my desire to create.  For me, artwork has been a common thread in this journey called life, wherever life has taken me, and now I try to convey the thrill of coming home in my brushwork.  Plein air opportunities, literally everywhere, keep my brushwork fueled and fresh.  I have been in steady pursuit of bettering my style and developing my narrative and living where I love makes me want to share that.  Thank you for taking an interest in this part of my journey – may yours be as blessed...

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